Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Excited about my new shoes

I finally ordered them, the Skechers Tone Up strength training sandals I have been wanting for a while.  I have been thinking about them ever since I wrote my hub on Skecher shape up sandals.  These shoes promised to tone you up and improve your posture!  I have to say I fell in love with these shoes as soon as I saw them.  I loved the bright color orange and the paisley on the thong strap.  I put them on and they felt great!  The sole is an inch and 3/4 high.  This makes for a very cushy step.  They were very comfortable to put on and walk on.  I have to say the thong strap between the toes chaffed at first. Once they wore in they are the most comfortable shoes I own.
Walking in them is a little odd at first.  I felt like big bird walking down the road when i first got them,  The soles are thick so you have to pick up your feet more while walking.  As for the benefits I can definitely tell a difference in my calves after wearing them.  Now driving my be a bit different too !  Because the soles are so thick you don't feel the pedals under feet as much. It does not take much to get used to though.
So far I love these shoes and highly recommend them. I wear them every chance I get, whether it is to go to the store or to walk the dogs.
I will continue to post about this intermittently.  I f you are looking for comfy stylish shoes that will help you tone up take a good look at the

Skechers Women's Tone Ups-Strength Train




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  1. Wow awesome shoes, they look a lot like the real ones but actually better :) Women Sandals